Our focus

Family Law

At CLS we are dedicated to help you solve your family law matters. Family law problems tend to be some of the most difficult issues people will go through. We differentiate ourselves in that we will hold your hand through this difficult process. We know that especially in this area of the law, solutions are not one size fits all and will go over all the possibilities with you.

CLS will work diligently with you to solve all your family law issues.
• Alimony
• Child Support
• Paternity
• Divorce
• Equitable Distribution
• Mediation
• Modification
• Parenting Plans
• Time Sharing
• Litigation
• Uncontested Divorces
• Divorce by Publication


When hiring CLS law firm, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Immigration laws can work on your favor with the help of CLS attorneys, who can assist you and your family through the complex and cumbersome immigration legal procedure. Our experienced attorneys can assist you in subjects such as:

• Cuban Immigration Law
• Adjustment of Status
• Deportation and Removal Process Relief
• Green Card through Political Asylum
• Citizenship
• Non-immigrant Visas, Work Visas and many other immigration matters.

Personal Injury

CLS Law firm is committed to assist you in getting you the compensation that you deserve. We will fight for your rights. We are all about getting YOU results.
CLS Law areas of expertise in Personal Injure include but are not limited to:

• Automobile Accidents.
• Bicycle Accidents.
• Dog bites.
• Pedestrian accidents.
• Product liability.
• Slip and fall.

Estate Planning & Probate

CLS Wills and Trust Attorneys will assist you in shielding the assets that you worked so hard for, as well as protecting your family. We will help you make a plan of action, so that you decide who and how you want your belongings to be inherited, guarded and/or protected, rather than leaving such personal extremely important decision to the Public Courts. As your lawyers, we will help you determine your goals and help you effectuate a plan. No one likes to think that they will ever become unable to make decisions, but planning correctly will guarantee that your wishes are carried out.
CLS Law areas of expertise in Estate Planning and Probate include but are not limited to:

• Probate process/probate administration.
• Will and Trust.
• Guardianships.
• Living Wills.
• Durable Power of Attorney.
• Living Trust.
• Health care surrogate.
• Pre-need guardians.

Real Estate

CLS Real Estate lawyers can help you review Real Estate transactions such as Commercial / Residential Leases and Purchase Contracts.
CLS attorneys also can help you resolve Title Insurance issues and defend Foreclosure.

Commercial / Residential Leases: Commercial and/or Residential Leases are complex documents that need to be revised and reviewed in order to protect you. Experienced CLS Attorneys will analyze and assess such contracts, to make sure you are fully protected before entering into such agreement, in concordance with Florida Law.

Purchase Contracts: Purchasing and owning a home is the realization of the American Dream. The Purchase Agreement could make that dream to become a nightmare. Its complexity and length makes it imperative that an experienced Real Estate attorney would review it to protect your rights and interests. CLS will guide you through the purchase process, so you feel confident that you made the right decision.

Title Insurance Issues: Title Insurance provides the much needed protection between all parties involved into a Real Estate transaction. But, just like anything related to insurance and legal paperwork, is a very intricate and difficult area to negotiate without legal help and issues may arise. CLS Attorneys will make sure you are fully protected and shielded against any disputes that may come up in the future.

Foreclosure: When your home is in danger of being foreclosed, you must not let your feelings get on the way. A foreclosure attorney from CLS law firm will not only fight for your rights in Court but will also work with your bank to find a solution to your foreclosure without having you and your loved ones to go through the painful and sad process of being legally removed from your home. We will hold your hand through this difficult process and assure you the best possible outcome within the realms of the Florida Law.

Our Team

Attorneys at Law
Maybel Castellon
Maybel Castellon
Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center Florida International University
Originally from Havana Cuba, Mrs. Castellon studied Law at the University of Havana. The practice of Law has always been her passion and helping immigrants with their legal needs, one of her purposes in life. Mrs. Castellon relocated to Miami, Florida at the age of 21, where she graduated with Honors from from Florida International University. While pursuing her degree, Mrs. Castellon obtained her Real Estate License and gained vast experience on that field. She further her legal education by obtaining her Juris Doctorate Degree from Nova Southeastern University. Mrs. Castellon practices in the areas of Real Estate, Family Law and Immigration.
Suzette Laurent
Suzette Laurent
Shepard Broad Law Center
NSU Law School
Mrs. Laurent was born in Havana, Cuba. She moved to Miami at the age of 14 and has resided in Miami, Florida since. Mrs. Laurent began her collegiate studies at Miami-Dade Community College, where she obtained an AA degree. Later on, Mrs. Laurent received a Bachelor’s Degree from Barry University and then proceeded to attend Nova Southeastern University School of Law, where she obtained a Juris Doctorate CUM LAUDE in Law and secured a position in the 25% of her class. Mrs. Laurent is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, a certified pro bono Guardian Ad Litem and a member of the Consortium for a Healthier Miami Dade. Mrs. Laurent is dedicated to provide individualized services to her clients with competence and outmost integrity. She practices in the areas of Family Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate and Contract Litigation, just to name a few. Mrs. Laurent is fluent in both English and Spanish. Her commitment to fulfill her client’s expectations is shown by her unique, efficient and economical approach to each of her cases.
Miriam Schlesinger Sadovnik
Miriam Schlesinger Sadovnik
Nova Southeastern University Law School
Miriam Schlesinger graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Juris Doctorate in 2014.
Mrs. Schlesinger graduated Cum Laude, top 25% of her class, and made Dean’s List on multiple semesters.
During Law School, Mrs. Schlesinger completed several Law Workshops in Civil Pretrial and Mediation, all experience which she intends to incorporate into practice.
Mrs. Schlesinger was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2014. Mrs. Schlesinger has considerable experience in the areas of Family Law and Estate Planning. This will translate into her being able to help you with all your legal needs in such areas. She will be your zealous advocate. Mrs. Schlesinger always has enjoyed volunteering and became a Certified Guardian Ad-Litem for the Dependency Court.
Member of: • Cuban American Bar Association • Florida Association of Public Adjusters